Whither an Agent?

My lovely wife submitted an excerpt of my first book to a few literary
agencies as I lay gasping in exhaustion having just completed my first
book and self publishing it. I knew self publishing was not likely to
yield many sales. What I don't know about marketing and the publishing
industry could fill volumes --- and it has, as anyone who has looked
at books on these subjects can tell you. There are many.

Wonderfully, as I was traveling on business last week, a reply came
from one of the agencies, asking for the full manuscript. I sent them
a copy of my book in manuscript form this morning with fingers crossed
and a few other superstitious observances for additional luck. I have
high hopes to take this young man's advice and guidance and
connections and turn them, along with my stories, into a successful
publishing partnership.

For me, this is something that needs to happen. I want this, and

Now we wait.