I finally finished my (first) book and it has been delivered successfully in EPUB form into three electronic publishers’ hands. You can yourself a copy by going to Amazon.com and searching for a Kindle book called “Dying to Live Forever”. I hope you like it!

If you want to read it on Google play, just go to this link.

If you want to read it on Kindle or you just like buying things from Amazon, go here.

I have been writing this book off and on over the course of at least ten or fifteen years. But in the last year or so I have gotten serious about being an author. I don’t want to be someone who just writes. I want to be published and have people like my stuff and be eager for more. I want that, and i want it badly. I’ve interrupted nearly every aspect of my life, spending pretty much every moment I wasn’t sleeping or doing my day job for most of the last month toiling away to get this thing finished and published.

Cooper the Wonderdog.] Cooper the Wonderdog.

Now I can take a day or two off from reading to let my eyes recover and to reacquaint myself with my wife and family. I know Cooper the Wonderdog will be thrilled not to have to stand guard by my desk all the time.

It will be a little sad to see it go, really. I’ll miss my characters and their adventures. I guess I can now take up where I left the characters of my next two books, which are in a series together. They’re really cool people, and I think readers are going to love them and what they get up to.

I think I might sound tired in this post — I am.

But I’m also really excited. I can’t wait to hear what people think about the book. To this point, I have feedback from some reviewers and family members, but I guess I won’t _actually _believe my stuff is worthwhile until someone pays for it with real money and then gives it at least a halfway decent review. It’s strange how this feels. It’s like they would be reviewing and validating _me_ and not just my book.