How Lock In Is the #1 (and #20, and #107) Book in the US

Scalzi is the model of my future in some ways. We share a lot of traits in common, after all: beautiful wife and family, major talent and vision, and devilish good looks.

But it’s this life of being able to write for a living, traveling around meeting people with new and fresh ideas, doing imagination to keep the food on the table that is most attractive to me. I want that.


If you’ve been following me here and on Twitter this week, then you know I’ve been delighted that Lock In has been doing very well in terms of sales: It hit the New York Times Hardcover Fiction best seller list and a few other lists as well. And in doing so, the list shows that the book is seemingly all over the charts.

For example, Bookscan, whose lists note sales at bookstores (well, some bookstores — the ones that report to Bookscan) reports Lock In as the #1 front list science fiction seller last week. The New York Times reports it as the #20 hardcover fiction book. The USA Today bestseller list, which I got sent to me today, ranked the book at #107 — which seems a far cry from #20 or #1. So what’s going on?

The answer is that all these lists report different things. Bookscan, as…

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