About me

I've dreamed about the future my whole life. I imagine what life can be like, but I'm also an inventor and love gadgets. I can't wait for the geniuses of the world to present us with more cool new stuff and exciting new ways to do things.

The science fiction dreams of our childhood are coming true every day. This is a fact of the time we live in — clearly the very best time ever! I write science fiction stories from my own dreams and ideas for how things might be, or to explore alternative ways to live.

I'm a husband, a father, an engineer since I was a little kid, and an author of science fiction. I grew up in the American South and have lived all of my adult life in several parts of California and Washington State. My family and I now live in the Seattle area.

The science fiction and fantasy world has been slowly decaying in recent decades, becoming a repository for negativity, monsters, and scary and unlikely future scenarios. Setting fantasy aside for now (which is not so much my thing), I have strong feelings about designing the future by showing people what can be. I've read science fiction for pleasure and escape since I learned to read. This has shown me a future with great opportunities, eliminating the bullshit and pain that many people must suffer with today from economic hardship, oppression, disease, ignorance, and intolerance. Humanity is full of cultures, races, creeds, and ideas --- most of which can broaden and enrich all of our minds if we let them.

I envision a future that is inclusive, wealthy for the whole of society, and enthusiastically exploring and colonizing many worlds in addition to the one we were born on. I do what I can to realize this vision by portraying it in my stories.

I really hope you like them.