The home-made cover for my first book.

I’ve decided to submit my book first book, Dying to Live Forever, to a “real” publisher. My marketing and sales skills and inclination to spend time doing those things are virtually nil. I want to have someone else who likes and has talents for these things actually work on them for me. And book publishers - they’re pretty good at these sorts of things, yano? At least I hope so.

My book will reappear when/if some publisher decides to become _my_ publisher. If not, maybe I’ll look at other options. In the meantime, which is, by the way, many months in the slow world of traditional publishing, my book will be unavailable.

Fortunately for everyone, the new version of the story will be much improved. I’ve made another pass through it and it’s substantially better already - with having even been seen by a professional editor whose job it is to make books better (or suck less).

My second and third books are still in the pipeline, and this very morning I (re)started my work on the first of the ANGEL series of stories, going through it with a fine toothed comb looking for badness, building better character development into the story, finishing up scenes, etc.

Please, if you love me, or if you love science fiction by geeks and for geeks, stay tuned…

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My lovely wife submitted an excerpt of my first book to a few literary agencies as I lay gasping with exhaustion having just completed my first book and self publishing it. I knew self publishing was not likely to yield many sales. What I don’t know about marketing and the publishing industry could fill volumes — and it has, as anyone who has looked at books on these subjects can tell you. There are many.

Wonderfully, as I was traveling on business last week, a reply came from one of the agencies, asking for the full manuscript. I sent them a copy of my book in manuscript form this morning with fingers crossed and a few other superstitious observances for additional luck. I have high hopes to take this young man’s advice and guidance and connections and turn them, along with my stories, into a successful publishing partnership.

For me, this is something that needs to happen. I want this, and badly.

Now we wait.

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