Dying to Live Forever

My book Dying to Live Forever has returned to Amazon Kindle.

Celebrity scientist and inventor Rik van der Gelder finds his lust for living waning after having lived two full lifetimes, courtesy of the ‘fountain of youth’ rejuvenation technology he helped to introduce. Bored nearly to death, he escapes alone in his starship, desperately searching for some relief from the never ending job of living. But a deadly attack and crash landing on an isolated and dangerous planet force him into a desperate struggle for his life.

Surviving the bizarre, deadly terrain and venomous creatures won’t be easy. Assaulted at every turn, Rik encounters an alien artifact that leads him down a rabbit hole of discovery and intrigue. Standing together with artificial intelligences and the insect-like race that built them against a common enemy could result in a deadly battle and the end of Rik. Or maybe it’s just the beginning…

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I have a friend who writes almost compulsively. I think she’s motivated by the combination of her brilliant mind and an inability to be idle, despite constantly struggling with her health. Her writing is captivating, I’m sure you’ll agree.

We’re all a little like this a little of the time. Chiller keeps plugging along, despite the setbacks, slowly, surely. I feel a bit like this sometimes - albeit without the seriousness of her setbacks to really know what it feels like.

Maybe re-emergence is possible. It was for someone far more seriously ill than I’ve ever been. Thanks, Chiller.

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The home-made cover for my first book.

I’ve decided to submit my book first book, Dying to Live Forever, to a “real” publisher. My marketing and sales skills and inclination to spend time doing those things are virtually nil. I want to have someone else who likes and has talents for these things actually work on them for me. And book publishers - they’re pretty good at these sorts of things, yano? At least I hope so.

My book will reappear when/if some publisher decides to become my publisher. If not, maybe I’ll look at other options. In the meantime, which is, by the way, many months in the slow world of traditional publishing, my book will be unavailable.

Fortunately for everyone, the new version of the story will be much improved. I’ve made another pass through it and it’s substantially better already - with having even been seen by a professional editor whose job it is to make books better (or suck less).

My second and third books are still in the pipeline, and this very morning I (re)started my work on the first of the ANGEL series of stories, going through it with a fine toothed comb looking for badness, building better character development into the story, finishing up scenes, etc.

Please, if you love me, or if you love science fiction by geeks and for geeks, stay tuned…

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A hand holding a gun.

Concealed weapon carriers or other reasonably responsible, conscientious citizens are going to turn into whatever they turn into when adrenaline flows. People can become heroic and selfless when this happens, they can turn into gibbering masses, or they can do stupid things like fire their weapons at young [insert ethnicity here] boys who happen to walk by while wearing headphones and not realizing what danger they’re in. This is one reason why police kill so many people wrongfully - and they are definitely trained and supposedly responsible.

If you have a way to react from a distance with deadly force to a situation that you don’t necessarily fully understand but you see as an imminent danger because of the part of it you have seen (and not necessarily fully understood) you kill people. Right or wrong, the decision is made in a flash of adrenaline fueled “judgement” and it’s permanent if you croak the guy(s).

Take away the possibility of instant, distant, deadly force reaction and you get harmless shouting or maybe some fists flying. Probably nobody dies.

Police with weapons drawn and aimed at a girl holding a drill.This is just an example I found. A single Google search for “wrongful death weapon” resulted in 664,000 results in 0.71 seconds.

My cousin Joe’s undoubtedly tidy and wholesome residential neighborhood in Utah is unfortunately ripe for a killing. They’ve been seeing a rise in burglary there recently, and everyone is worried they’ll be next. I bet a lot of his neighbors have guns. They’ll shoot some guy who’s chasing his dog into their back yard or whose three year old is hiding behind a bush next door or something. And that will be that. He’ll be dead, and nobody can reanimate him after the responsible citizen’s snap judgement and use of deadly force took away his chance to explain his peaceful intentions.

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My next story is the first installment of a series of novels set in roughly our time. The second one is already started, and the third is plotted. I’m excited about this series!

A bored software developer and an NSA agent join forces with an artificial intelligence called A.N.G.E.L. to become the Triumvirate - the world’s first provably benevolent secret society. And they’re only just in time to save the world from disaster.

I’m trying something new here - publishing via pre-order through a company that will do my publishing, editing, marketing, etc. if they get a large enough collection of pre-order customers.

Here’s a sample chapter to whet your appetite. You can pre-order a print or eBook copy there if you like it.

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The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics, whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were, and ask why not.

— John F. Kennedy

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Black and white photo of Ursula K. Le Guin Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. le Guin is a top science fiction writer and has been for decades. This article on her call for sci-fi writers to write more about alternatives to capitalism caught my eye.

Precisely! We live in the age where we must adapt our traditions for new realities that appear as a result of those traditions. Adapting is what humans do. But sometimes we also do wars and other stupid stuff before we finally do adapt. Let’s not do that stupid stuff. Let’s just adapt when the time comes, shall we?

My stories to this point all include, as a central theme, a world run by alternatives to capitalism, although capitalism is what gets my first book’s characters into their life-long struggle. I am writing more. I hope someday to inspire someone to do something positive in the real world - not because my vision was accurate, but because it led them to think about what the accurate vision would be.

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