Descriptions of the Nondescript

Houston, we have blurbage and a cover

[Cover design for Dying to Live Forever.] Cover design for Dying to Live Forever.

My first book, Dying to Live Forever, now has a blurb and a cover design. I'm still tweaking both. Well, to be honest, I'm mostly tweaking the blurb.

Celebrity scientist and inventor Rik van der Gelder finds his lust for living waning after having lived two full lifetimes, courtesy of the 'fountain of youth' rejuvenation technology he helped to introduce. Bored nearly to death, he escapes alone in his starship, desperately searching for some relief from the never ending job of living. But a deadly attack and crash landing on an isolated and dangerous planet force him into a desperate struggle for his life.

Surviving the bizarre, deadly terrain and venomous creatures won't be easy. Assaulted at every turn, Rik encounters an alien artifact that leads him down a rabbit hole of discovery and intrigue. Standing together with artificial intelligences and the insect-like race that built them against a common enemy could result in a deadly battle and the end of Rik. Or maybe it's just the beginning…