Descriptions of the Nondescript

Early retirement of my young friend Mike

A middle aged couple exits a convenience store with LOTTO signs in
its windows. The woman says,
One of my favorite humans and coworkers, my friend Mike, has just announced he is retiring at age thirty-something. He has worked in high tech since he was 15, never finishing high school or going to college, never marrying or having children, never living in an extravagant fashion, saving his resources all along to achieve this result. He’s adamant he isn’t moving on to another company, that he is retiring, and I believe him. Mike has the courage to get off the treadmill, to choose to live without need for the trappings and traps and pitfalls of the life most of us live by default.

This unique young man has been an encouragement, an inspiration, and a friend to me during the years I have known him. I will miss chances to share his brilliant technological insights. Hopefully, there will be times in the future when we can share a meal or chat.

Happy retirement, Mike. I’m sorry to see you go, but I know you will go far and wide and well.