Spicy Pumpkin Gingerbread

My friend Jane is wonderfully direct and insightful and I’m sure I would love eating at her table. Unfortunately she’s in the UK and I’m in the US and it’s expensive to go round for supper.

Beggars' Banquets

I have tried pumpkin pie several times and even had it a couple of times in its native country.  I’ve never liked it much.  Like that other American staple, carrot cake, it seems a testament to the fact that there were precious few indigenous fruits to be had in the early days of colonialism.  At least carrots are sweet and juicy.  Pumpkin is as hard to cut as parsnip, as sweatily bland as swede, and has a cloying claggy texture when cooked.  In a pie it needs pretty much candying with sugar and smothering with cinnamon to be palatable.

The lovely art teacher at my current school brought a pumpkin in to carve for one of our current projects.  I got the contents to cook.  I normally just treat it as a vegetable and turn it into garlicky mash with other root vegetables, but I needed to turn it into…

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