Descriptions of the Nondescript

Oho! I'm Writing Again


I'm writing again. I have about 68k words (no, not words about the Good Old Days MC680x0 processors from Motorola [as my Twitter acquaintance @tiltdad thought]( These precious little balloons of thought have languished on my computer for several years now. They really are something I am proud of, but I just couldn't get past the effort to finally finish the couple of remaining scenes, do the revisions, and get it shipped off to someone to publish.

I know that's stupid. Thank you.

I'm working on it now. Revisions are many, but I'm already about a quarter of the way through the manuscript, and I'm motivated to finish. If published, I think this one would be something I could really be proud of. (My previous book was my first. 'Nuff said.)

In case you're interested, this story is about an AI that emerges from experiments run by a hacker who "gets lucky". But there are many in the world who don't want such a powerful thing to be controlled by (or in league with) just some guy... The working title is now Emergent Patterns. I have some very early draft chapters elsewhere on this site under the tag ANGEL.

Probably a lot of my future posts here will be about this book --- at least until it's "out there" and its fate is in the hands of the ... fates.