Descriptions of the Nondescript

Agent Queries

I sent a query letter to an agent today. It included five pages of my Dying to Live Forever and a brief pitch and some other stuff.

I have all fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.

[Postscript, August 12, 2019] I have now submitted six such letters to different agencies. None of them have replied other than automatically to tell me they received my query. Since they're all basically only committing to contact me if they like me, I have to wait up to two months to find out that nobody loves my stuff and move on. I hate this relic of the 19th century this industry still clings to. Sending an email with a "sorry not interested" would take $0.0000000001 and about a millisecond of effort on someone's part. It would be a great service to those of us who have no way to know if we're on the right track or not without such long unreasonable delays.