Descriptions of the Nondescript

One more reviewer!

I have incorporated revisions suggested by two of the three last reviewers of my first book - Dying to Live Forever.

I'm just waiting for one more reviewer's comments. Unfortunately, he's reviewing the book while on vacation, so I can't really ask him to hurry it up, can I?

*taps foot impatiently*

First Draft of SECOND Book About to be Delivered to Editor

My first book is in the throes of its last review by three people.

My second book, tentatively entitled In the Beginning: ANGEL because it's the first in a series of stories about an AI named ANGEL, has been in the "Draft #1 COMPLETED" state for a month or two.

I am printing the draft right now to give to my wonderful editor, my wife Theresa. She likes writing on actual paper. I know -- stone aged, right?

I have the third book, which has the working title of ANGEL and Kings, is about 20% drafted. Maybe even 25%.

This is a lot of fun.

Houston, we have blurbage and a cover

[Cover design for Dying to Live Forever.] Cover design for Dying to Live Forever.

My first book, Dying to Live Forever, now has a blurb and a cover design. I'm still tweaking both. Well, to be honest, I'm mostly tweaking the blurb.

Celebrity scientist and inventor Rik van der Gelder finds his lust for living waning after having lived two full lifetimes, courtesy of the 'fountain of youth' rejuvenation technology he helped to introduce. Bored nearly to death, he escapes alone in his starship, desperately searching for some relief from the never ending job of living. But a deadly attack and crash landing on an isolated and dangerous planet force him into a desperate struggle for his life.

Surviving the bizarre, deadly terrain and venomous creatures won't be easy. Assaulted at every turn, Rik encounters an alien artifact that leads him down a rabbit hole of discovery and intrigue. Standing together with artificial intelligences and the insect-like race that built them against a common enemy could result in a deadly battle and the end of Rik. Or maybe it's just the beginning…

Waiting is hard

I have decided to wait until I get feedback from one more reader of my draft manuscript before publishing the eBook. I am sending the paper manuscript today, and it's a favor from a friend of my wife's, so I can't really ask them to snap it up and hurry, now can I?

Gratification delayed is supposed to be good for the soul and even more gratifying. I hope that is true.

In the beginning ...

I am just about to publish my first science fiction novel. I have another book ready for editing, and a third that is about 20% through first draft. I'm going to keep on doing this until or unless someone convinces me that people just hate my books and that I suck. And I'll probably keep on doing it anyway. Fingers crossed.

I hope to use this site to promote my books, to post random things I find interesting about writing, life, and pretty much anything that comes to mind. I hope you find it as entertaining as I believe I will.